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2017-2018 Academic Catalog


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Course Overview

With a grounding in physical technique and skill, the course also explores the various cultural, historical and social contexts in which these disciplines sit. This includes managing, staging and promoting your own work.

This course aims to develop you as a well rounded circus-theatre artist. It is an intensive training course which has an emphasis on breadth rather than in-depth specialisation. In the first term strong emphasis is on skills training in the specialist areas.

Emphasis moves increasingly towards creative application culminating in you individually producing a project shown to an invited audience. A final ensemble production, shown to the public, concludes year one. In year two you present devised work week-by-week and over the year gain more experience in street theatre.

During the second year you broaden your range of styles and techniques which will help you reinterpret work through different mediums for various audiences, this includes learning how to stage work to showcase your work in the best way possible, and you begin developing and building up a diverse portfolio of work.

Physical theatre, movement, voice and creative studies This core component allows you to explore how to reinterpret work through different mediums for a range of audiences. Body training An important aspect of the course is ensuring you know how to look after yourself; understanding the practical techniques to look after your body as well as learning about nutrition to keep yourself in peak condition which will allow you to get the most out of a physically demanding course.

Complementary studies including practical, technical and academic theory Understanding all the technical and practical aspects of performance also helps you when creating work. This is vital for creators and performers in developing work and allows you to begin doing so in a safe and comfortable environment. You are assessed in various ways to examine your range of abilities and skills.

You are set course work, assessed through public performances, creative project development, artistic and theoretical presentations, written feedback and reflection, personal training logs, practical tests, research and essay work.

Teaching is delivered through practical classes, formal lectures, small group tutorials, one-to-one tutorials, supervised practice sessions, and visits from external specialists. The second year of your study develops the processes and techniques introduced in your first year.

It continues to train your core technique in your chosen skills with a more intense focus on one. Our students often get the opportunity to perform in events outside of the course such as in festivals and with existing circus-theatre companies.

There is also a student room with a kitchen, quiet study room, classroom and IT suite. This site also holds a library with a comprehensive selection of books and media on contemporary circus with physical theatre. Volume 65, Issue 1 pp. Volume 64, Issues 2—3 pp. Find out more About the journal. Research article Abstract only Financing Acquisitions with Earnouts. Research article Abstract only Managing the Narrative: Investor Relations Officers and Corporate Disclosure.

Evidence from Equity Market Liberalization. Research article Abstract only Theory, research design assumptions, and causal inferences. More articles in press. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration. View all special issues.


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