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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

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❶Under a Creative Commons license. However, the authors consider that customer satisfaction is in no way be confused with quality of service.

Forging the Link between Research and Practice

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
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The High Price of Customer Satisfaction

This free service is available to anyone who has published and whose publication is in Scopus. Researcher Academy Author Services Try out personalized alert features. The Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services covers: For employers and course providers, it also addresses issues of education and training. Index bound in last issue of calendar year.

Information technology and consumer behavior in travel and tourism: Insights from travel planning using the internet Zheng Xiang Vincent P. Predicting green product consumption using theory of planned behavior and reasoned action Justin Paul Ashwin Modi Gamified in-store mobile marketing: Evaluation of collaborative consumption of food delivery services through web mining techniques Juan C.

Most Cited Articles The most cited articles published since , extracted from Scopus. The Plum Print next to each article shows the relative activity in each of these categories of metrics: Captures, Mentions, Social Media and Citations. Go here to learn more about PlumX Metrics. Individual differences in consumer information search for services: A multiple mediation study. Three dimensional product presentation quality antecedents and their consequences for online retailers: The moderating role of virtual product experience.

When examining the partial correlations between rank and share of wallet i. By contrast, when examining the partial correlations between satisfaction and share of wallet after removing rank, the correlations are almost zero and are actually negative.

This research is forthcoming in Keiningham et al. This work is a natural extension of S. Wharton School Publishing, The Customer Satisfaction vs.

I would only suggest one nuance regarding the statement: However, when looking at the full Net Promoter System, you will find that this all about the comparative satisfaction measures your research supports. In fact, every true NPS practitioner will tell you that the score on its own is meaningless without competitive comparison.

The first thing to note is that NPS is a firm-level metric, not a customer-level metric. Therefore, by relative NPS my assumption is that you mean that the focal firm is comparatively better or worse than other firms in the category based upon differences in NPS levels.

This analysis must be done at the customer level. If you are interested, I would direct you to Bliese, Paul D. Klein and Steve W. A simple rule of thumb is that you are never allowed to aggregate data when the relationship between the variable you are tracking and the outcome variable is very weak.

As a result, you end up with what is called an Ecological Fallacy…simplistically, you mistakenly think you understand individuals within the group. As a result, you must first get the customer-level relationship between your metric of choice e. This is best done by converting these measures to relative ranks. While you can use any of the above metrics to derive relative rank—and thereby link to share of wallet—you cannot simply use the firm-level metric relative or absolute level.

We have to stop seeing the bloody stock market as the last word in economic well-being. Look, the stock market has been above where it was before the near economic collapse of for years.

Wall Street recovered while real earnings have actually contracted. Unemployment remains high, under-employment disgraceful. They already know it. I really enjoyed your article. I have 2 objections though: You do not mention the impact of Word-of-Mouth that can be a disaster for a company considering that a dissatisfied customer will tell about his bad experience to at least 6 friends.

Increasing client satisfaction will allow you to kill bad word of mouth and enhance good word-of mouth You imply that increasing Customer Satisfaction often relies on increasing Customer Service Cost.

I think it depends mostly on the experience you want to deliver to your clients. You cannot blame the clients to expect the lower price of the market! If Groupon loses money on those categories, it just means that they have poor financial fundamentals. Finally, I have a last question: Without question, many factors influence stock market performance. The stock performance linkage was simply used in the introduction to show the difficulty linking satisfaction to market performance.

The article deals with the relationship between satisfaction and firm profitability, market share, and share of category spending. I would welcome discussing our findings further if you have any additional comments related to the research. Thus, overlooked a number of both foreign and Lithuanian authors opinions, I have concluded my own perception of customer satisfaction and made the scheme which clearly shows the relation between the customer satisfaction and its factors see Figure 1.

First of all, regardless the service is used or not at all, or just waiting for the first experience, often a person has formed an opinion about the service. Then doubtless even after the customer experience it is formed, developed some emotions, feelings, reaction to what is got and depending on the situation — positive or negative. Finally, the scheme and analysis was based on literature but, on the other hand, it helped to form a clear view about what leads to customer satisfaction, what are the key factors of that.

In the list what form the satisfaction there are shown mostly discussed aspects, determinants. However, it is possible to continue the list and add more features because the satisfaction is a subjective thing. After all some people like one aspect, others need opposite things so everyone has different view, need and expectations. After discussing the concepts of both customer satisfaction and the most important determinants to keep consumers satisfied it is left to find out the importance of customers satisfaction on services.

As one of the most frequently mentioned reasons why customer satisfaction is so important for companies on services is a consumer loyalty. Singh considers that each organization becomes more flexible to the needs of its customers by offering alternatives to exclusive offers. After all, the longer company is able to keep the consumer at the same time, it also receives and higher profits. Expressing similar views Vavra considers that some content to the service customers is not only long-term clients, but also to spread positive information and feedback their experiences to others, potential customers, perhaps encouraging them to try the service.

In other words, according to Singh , when satisfied customers share their experiences with around five to six people, while disappointed with the ten ones. By the way, today communication spread faster and further than ever before, because most companies operate online, target online communities, etc. So therefore the importance of customer satisfaction is particularly important for service organizations Vavra, Authors Hill et al. It could be said that the relations between customers and staff or organization have a direct connection this is called the mirror effect.

Thus, the organization is interested in moral and increase staff satisfaction and developing loyalty. Firstly, it is noted that customer satisfaction can reliable realistic market information. In this case, the organization has an excellent opportunity to assess the current situation and develop plans for the future. Summarizing all these factors, it might be said that customer satisfaction has a significant importance and value of each company providing the service.

So Vavra argues that before almost two decades ago usually one of the most important factors for companies would become a trademark of reputation, profits and so on.

And no one paid so attention if their customers where happy, satisfied or disappointed. So the authors revealed which factors are essential in determining whether the customer is satisfied or not, also helped better understand how is important to evaluate the satisfaction. After all, satisfied customer is tend to be more loyal, more often share satisfied feelings with other people, potential customers and so on. In addition, it is believed that satisfied customers pay less attention to competitors, for example, they do not look at prices, special offers and so on.

Simply, it is caused of the reason that they feel happy and satisfied with their permanent service organization. As already mentioned, customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors shaping both business services and other organizations.

As a result of customer satisfaction in any case should be assessed, monitored and analyzed. As stated majority of the authors, the definitive ratings reveal the most effective, accurate, significant and, of course, objective information. Nowadays customer satisfaction is one of the most important issues for almost all organizations, especially for service organizations.

For this reason customer satisfaction should be analyzed, evaluated and translated into the main parameters.

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The Effects of Customer Satisfaction, Relationship Commitment Dimensions, and Triggers on Journal of Marketing Vol. 69 (October ), – that occurs in a customer’s use of fixed-phone service, cel-lular phone service, modem-based Internet service, or.

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Based on these results, discusses the pervasive effects of customer service on consumer complaining behavior, and offers managerial recommendations. The effects of customer service on consumer complaining behavior | Journal of Services Marketing | Vol 9, No 4.

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After all, customer service reps usually understand the importance of satisfied customers; often the real problem lies with logistics, IT, or some other back-end function that isn’t meeting. Patient Experience Journal Volume 1|Issue 2 Article 3 Customer service vs. Patient care Kathy Torpie ‘customer’ and the hospital-as-‘provider’ takes place, and to the deeply personal nature of the patient experience. Customer Service vs. Patient Care, Torpie Patient Experience Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2 - Fall 8.

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In service sector it is exceptionally important because customer satisfaction is probably the main “key” to a successful business, recognition and retention of customers because service processes more or less involve the customer. Customer services. Oxford Journals has four journals customer service centres based in the UK, the USA, Japan, and China. Please contact your nearest office (details below) for enquiries concerning subscription orders, existing subscriptions, single issue orders, address changes, access problems, pricing queries, and claims for missing issues.