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Describe the main factors affecting tourism demand.

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APPROACHES TO STUDYAPPROACHES TO STUDY TOURISM DEMANDTOURISM DEMAND Economists-Economists- Demand measured inDemand measured in monetary returns gained within a periodmonetary returns gained within a period of time. Price, elasticity, quality, revenueof time.

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This article is a short survey of research carried out into the principal economic factors influencing the demand for tourism services. It is clear that sociological variables such as age, occupation and educational level also play a role in influencing total demand, but there is evidence that sociological variables may be more significant in determining the destination or the type of tourism.

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Determinants of International Tourism1 Prepared by Alexander Culiuc Authorized for distribution by Athanasios Arvanitis May Abstract The paper estimates the impact of macroeconomic supply- and demand-side determinants of tourism, one of the largest components of services exports globally, and the backbone of many smaller economies. TOURISM MANAGEMENT December Determinants of demand for international tourist flows to Turkey Multicollinearitv The majority of the individual models had a relatively high R2 with significant coefficients. That is. the probability of multicollinearitv existing was minimal.

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The study expose that, the determinants of tourism demand are those factors with propensities to shape the nature and pattern of a population's demand for holiday and travel. It can also explain. The elasticity of tourism with respect to GDP of the origin (importing) country is lower than for goods trade. Tourism flows respond strongly to changes in the destination country’s real exchange rate, along both extensive (tourist arrivals) and intensive (duration of stay) margins.