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Identify names of key researchers, core journals, other research centers, possible sources of funding. Explain your rationale for the research design and methodology and your plan to use and describe why it is appropriate for your research. Your reading and study of the literature should be very comprehensive as your prepare your proposal and later write your final literature review.

Now is the time to immerse yourself in your topic. The written literature review is selective and does not include every article or source your find on your topic.

Think of yourself as a curator at a museum. Select the most meaningful, representative works for your "exhibit" but you will have had to have read and critically evaluate many more sources that you don't include in your literature review. Build a workflow or system so you can keep track of sources e.

In some departments the proposal meeting is called the "prelim oral. Determine the expectations and requirements for the proposal meeting, for example, find out what type of presentation, if any, is expected. Talk with colleagues who have completed this process to understand more about the meeting.

Review what you already have written and presented for your course work and other projects. Search article databases outside your discipline. Browse and search in the core journals in your field. Decide if you need sources that are international in scope and use additional search strategies as needed.

Depending on your research area contact library archives or special collections and consult with curators or other staff to learn more about relevant resources. Use subject headings or a thesaurus within a database to find similar sources by concept rather than just keyword match. Review the bibliographies of articles and books to identify additional sources. Do "cited reference" searches to identify researchers that have cited other specific books or articles of interest.

Track where you have searched and your search terms by keeping a research log or journal. This will help you identify the most productive sources and not repeat what you have already done. If needed you will be able to report your search strategies. Gather and analyze your data. Create a strategy to organize your files, contacts, observations, field notes, and bibliographic information.

Implement a small pilot study before proceeding with the full data collection. This will help you to test your approach to ensure you are collecting data that reflects your research question.

Document details such as time involved and issues in the study for either you or the participants. Determine if any modifications to your study need to occur before proceeding.

Identify and test a strategy for transforming and analyzing the data e. Test your analysis method with the small pilot study or sample of your data. Create graphs, tables, images, and other outputs that illustrate your results. Meet regularly with your advisor to discuss and resolve any questions. Write the Results and Discussion sections. Update the Introduction and Literature Review sections. Use non-text objects to illustrate your results including tables, figures, images and visualizations.

Illustrative objects should either be placed within the dissertation text or at the end of your dissertation. Summarize all your results whether they are statistically significant or not. Put raw data, survey instruments, and release forms, etc.

Include your research questions identified in the introduction. Describe how you have moved the field forward. Explain how your research enhances or fills a gap in existing research. Identify any unexpected or contradictory findings. Explain how your results relate to existing literature and if they are consistent with previous research. Describe how your results can be applied.

This could take a variety of forms such as real world application, best practices or recommendations. Update the Introduction and Literature Review. Review and update your introduction and literature review sections to ensure that they are accurate and current.

Change the tense if needed from future to past. Share the conclusion have reached because of your research. Explain limitations in your research and possibilities for future research on your topic. Seeking feedback, reviewing, and editing your document helps you to: See your text from a reader's perspective. Examine the overall organization and identify what is no longer relevant and what sections need further development.

Bring together parts written at different times to create a coherent, connected whole. Make your ideas clear to others, which in turn, will result in better reader comments. Plan and negotiate your progress in consultation with your advisor and committee members. Separate large-scale revision from small-scale editing and proofreading, making sure to make large changes in organization and content first rather than spending hours smoothing out a sentence you'll end up cutting.

Use a checklist of common errors when you do your final editing and proofreading, or consider hiring an editor to help you identify and fix such problems. Connect with your dissertation support network and members of your committee to receive constructive feedback.

Help your readers help you by giving them a direction, for example in a cover letter, in which you explain what you want to accomplish in the draft and list your specific questions and concerns. Identify potential readers' expertise and skills when deciding which parts of your dissertation you want them to review. For example, perhaps only people working in your lab can constructively comment on your "methods," while friends in other disciplines would give useful feedback on the "introduction.

Negotiate with your advisor and committee members to establish a process for submitting drafts for their feedback. Check all calculations, visual details, and citations for accuracy and validity and remove sources you are no longer citing or add new ones. Prepare the bibliography, appendix, title page, and acknowledgements. You may or may not be expected to give a brief presentation at the beginning. Focus on the needs of your primary audience your advisor and committee , either by consulting them directly or considering their feedback to your initial draft.

Review your notes and rationale for making the decisions you made in your draft for example, including or excluding certain seminal theories, authors, and research methodologies.

Remind yourself that at this point you are now the "expert" on your research and the goal of the defense is to present and share your expertise and seek feedback from interested readers. Finish and submit your dissertation. Many departments have their own handbooks to guide students through the process with timelines and specific academic style guidelines.

Consult the details in the doctoral handbook for your department and college. When submitting your dissertation consider your rights as an author.

For example, you may want to retain your legal rights to the copyright for your work. You will retain your rights to your dissertation when submitting it to the UDC. The UDC copy of your dissertation will be freely available for you and others to read and link to with a permanent url.

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