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Generalizability theory

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❶Modest benefits might be insufficient.


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Generalizability and Transferability In this chapter, we discuss generalizabililty, transferability, and the interrelationship between the two. We also explain how these two aspects of research operate in different methodologies, demonstrating how researchers may apply these concepts throughout the .

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To increase our confidence in the generalizability of the study, it would have to be repeated with the same exercise program but with different providers in different settings (either worksites or .

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In particular, the translation of uncertainty from empirical research findings, particularly issues of statistical variability and generalizability, is a persistent challenge because of the incremental nature of research and the iterative cycle of advancing knowledge and implementation. Start studying Research Methods: Sampling, Generalizability, and Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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In the Research blog series, we have discussed how clinical trials are designed and the strengths and weaknesses of these designs. One factor that can affect the usefulness of a study, regardless of the strength of the design, is its generalizability. Jun 05,  · Clinical and epidemiologic investigations are paying increasing attention to the critical constructs of “representativeness” of study samples and “generalizability” of study results. This is a laudable trend and yet, these key concepts are often misconstrued and conflated, masking the central issues of internal and external validity.