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Fox News Panel Uses Logical Fallacy to Slam Seattle Kayaktivists

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❶It made our day. An Evening with David Sedaris, November 19, 7:

Fallacy 2: Faulty Appeal to Authority

15 Common Logical Fallacies
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We Don't Want a Virtual Reality Learning Program

Extra Cash Writing http: For the best answers, search on this site https: The essential to unlock the electrical power to make money from home is locating the appropriate on the internet interface for writers. Related Questions Are there any recent articles on US economics that have logical fallacies?

What are some recent articles that contain logical fallacies? Whats a good recent logical fallacy from a newspaper or from a news article from the web? What's your favourite logical fallacy from this recent Homeopathy link posted in an answer? Answer Questions True or false: Most black men are stronger than white men, and most black women are stronger than white women? When I share it goes to Stories, i want it to go to News Feed?

Is the latest circulating email "you won t see this in the U. He seemed to be able to focus for hours on things that interested him such as video games. He was also an amazing artist. The walls of their house were covered with his drawings of horses, their cat Donovan, and their dog Barney.

He had been playing piano since he was five, and his piano teacher said he had a natural talent for music.

The doctor said Aiden had enough symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattention to warrant a diagnosis of ADHD. The pediatrician wrote a prescription for Adderall. Before giving Aiden the medicine, however, his parents decided to consult me to find out if there was some other way to help him apart from medication.

I was happy to help. Aiden was a little underweight and they had read that one side effect of the drug is decreased appetite. Scott was a filmmaker and told me Aiden reminded him of himself at that age. Eventually he had grown out of his bouncy behavior. McCartney was too busy learning to play the guitar and listening to music to do his homework.

He was not entirely anti-medication, but both he and Ava had a healthy skepticism about pharmaceuticals. Scott and Ava asked if I thought Adderall would help Aiden. In the spirit of providing them with all the options, I told them it probably would. Stimulants like Adderall help most children calm down and become more focused.

In most cases, the effects of the medication are visible from the first day a child begins taking it. However, if they wanted to go the non-medication route, I told them I was willing to take the journey with them. He was just one of those active kids who need to move around in order to think. These kids like novelty and challenges. Give them a new video game and they can concentrate for hours. However, I added that there were other, drug-free ways to get the same results.

Scott and Ava decided that even though family therapy might take longer than giving Aiden Adderall, they would give it a try. I helped them come up with a plan for Aiden to get plenty of physical exercise. They enrolled him in tee-ball and began taking family bike rides and hikes on weekends.

We explored dietary changes, which sometimes help overactive kids. While not all kids have a sensitivity to these foods, they can be irritating to some children. After school he would have a healthy snack and a glass of milk. He could play outdoors with the neighborhood kids until five, when it was time to begin his homework. After Aiden finished his homework, he would be allowed to play a video game or watch TV for an hour.

At bedtime, Scott and Ava took turns reading to him. Together they worked out accommodations to help Aiden. The teacher changed his desk so he sat close to her and away from friends who might distract him.

She gave Aiden the responsibility of watering the plants in the classroom and erasing the blackboard. This allowed him to get up and move around as part of his school day. In writing these pieces, it never occurs to me that I am going to be accused of critical thinking, either good or bad. However, I have received a letter from Howard Holter, professor of history at Cal State Dominguez Hills, enclosing an analysis of my critical thinking by one of his students.

Economic Affairs Editor John F. He cites Robert Townsend of "Up the Organization" fame for the concept that "the executive's place is not in his own office but in everybody else's. The executive's place, first of all, is right out on the factory floor, or what passes for that in his business. The wording of the article seems to imply this. What about Hispanics, Koreans, Japanese and a host of other groups? If they don't flock to see this film, are they continuing to fuel the fires of racism as well?

To put the success or failure in such black-and-white terms is a simplistic fallacy at best and out-and-out racism at worst. August 24, Robert Shogan. For critics of the Great Society, its failures are readily explained as demonstrating the classic liberal fallacy of trying to solve problems by throwing money at them. In defense, liberals claim they did not throw enough money to fairly test their proposed solutions. December 9, By David L.

We live in a culture of excess. From supersized fast food to billion-dollar presidential campaigns, bigger is always better. This is hardly a new observation; it's been part of us all along. In his satire "The Magic Christian," Terry Southern imagines "a gigantic convertible … scaled in the proportions of an ordinary automobile but … tremendous in size - … longer and wider than the largest Greyhound bus.

Scott Fitzgerald's year-old masterpiece, a novel that takes excess as its essence, unfolding on vast estates, at lavish parties, while never losing sight of the fact that beneath the surface, such fripperies cannot mask an emptiness that is all-pervasive, that all the money, houses, Champagne in the world won't fill. January 9, Bill Plaschke. Hide the hound's-tooth, shelter the Swamp, vacate Death Valley, and hunker down between the hedges.

Hey, SEC football, board up your sweet home and turn down your Lynyrd Skynyrd and do it now, because you're fixing to get punked by the Pac It's happening here, Monday, in the Bowl Championship Series national title game, when Oregon will defeat Auburn in a long-awaited bout between conferences that have been circling each other for 22 years. It will be close. Healthcare reform bill doesn't cover elective abortions. Since the Supreme Court's ruling in Roe vs. Wade, every federal health insurance program has become enmeshed in the debate over federal funding for abortion.

This year's efforts to reform the healthcare system have triggered a new tussle, with opponents of abortion claiming that the proposals would change the long-standing policy against using federal tax dollars to terminate pregnancies.

But the provision that antiabortion groups find so objectionable would actually have the opposite effect, forcing private insurers to go further to fund and account for abortion coverage separately from federally subsidized services.

The Logical Fallacies of Time Magazine’s “Technology Hoax” Article

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Dec 18,  · The gun control fallacy. By James Kirchick | NEW YORK the Daily News expressed the sentiment of many gun control advocates when it editorialized that "it is time for America to ban the.

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I love this question. Even though I am not an expert in any manner I will provide my views on this. A newspaper article is supposed to present the facts as it happened. But in these days of Sensationalism and rat race for TRP's the media groups co.

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To start, note that logical fallacies are fallacies of argumentation. So an article that merely reports what has gone on, and presents no argument, will generally not have any logical fallacies in it. So, to find articles with lots of fallacies, y. The Logical Fallacies of Time Magazine’s “Technology Hoax” Article. 15 thoughts on “ The Logical Fallacies of Time Magazine’s “Technology Hoax” Article ” Is it now in vogue for major news outlets to spread disinformation that is grossly distorted and untrue, and see what sticks and sells with the readers and viewers?.

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Newspaper Logic: Akron Beacon Journal Attack on Homeschooling. Topics • Thinking Tools the fallacies in these articles. We want to equip you to do this yourself. (Parents, finding fallacies in these articles might make a good school assignment.) If you haven’t read these newspaper articles, search the Akron Beacon Journal for these. Apr 17,  · A version of this article appears in print on, on Page A16 of the New York edition with the headline: The L.G.B.T. Trump Fallacy. Order Reprints | Today’s Paper | Subscribe Advertisement.