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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 472 - Problems with environmental pollution have become serious

❶So, once people start honking only when necessary, there might be lot less noise pollution compared to the current state.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 447 - Pollution and other environmental problems are resulting from

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When nations develop, they will require more resources. For example, developing countries like India and China need more fuel to power their growth. Excessive consumption of fossil fuels, unfortunately, leads to the emission of carbon dioxide and accelerates the rate of global warming. This, however, does not mean that these countries should be allowed to pollute for the sake of their development. Of course, they need to develop but the need of the hour is the development of sustainable sources of energy.

All countries should invest in green and clean energy sources. For example, in nations lying on either side of the equator there is considerable potential for harnessing solar energy.

Countries that produce excess amount of green energy can sell it to other countries. Also, burning unclean fossil fuels, for example, coal and gases for cooking, is contributing to the contamination of air.

More importantly, clearing many forests to build factories and houses; and using fertilizer to boost the agricultural productivity are reasons producing the pollution of air. From those causes above, the huge consequences are unavoidable that affect not only people's health, but also the whole society in Vietnam.

The first impact derived from air contamination is the Vietnamese will certainly suffer from some health-related problems. Currently, more and more people die because of asthma and breathing problems in Vietnam in particular and the globe in general.

Moreover, more and more natural disasters, such as, flood, landslide and drought occur more frequently that destroy the shelter of people, especially, those who are living in the middle of Vietnam. This could be managed through cooperation between governments and individuals. For illustrations, governments could ensure that public transport is more affordable and convenient for the general public; this might help to reduce car emissions to the atmosphere.

Another solution to combat environmental pollution is via education. By this, I mean that both parents and educators should raise awareness by teaching children from a young age how crucial it is to look after the environment.

For instance, it has been proven that younger children pick-up information more quickly and follows the instruction given by teachers and parents. As this is the next generation who will inherit the Earth, their sense of responsibility is important to address this issue.

Also, the governments should introduce laws to limit the deforestation in many countries around the world to ensure that there are enough green forests, fortunately, there are many nations who have already introduced these laws such as the USA. To conclude, this essay has discussed some of the possible solutions in order to help tackle the problem.

In my opinion, reducing the numbers of cars and educating the next generation are key factors in helping to save the planet, perhaps in the future if those ideas are approved the world will be greener and safer. E-mail required, but will not display. Notify me of follow-up comments.

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IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Problems with environmental pollution have become so serious that many countries are trying to solve these problems.

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Environment pollution is too alarming to be managed by individuals. Real change can be made at the government level. What extent do you agree or disagree? PTE Essay with Solution on the topic of "Environmental Pollution Essay Conclusion". Today our environment is in danger due to various global problems, write an essay. IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay: You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Pollution and other environmental problems are resulting from a .

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IELTS causes and solutions essay - band 9 guide. In this lesson you will learn how to write a high-scoring causes & solutions essay in IELTS Writing. As an example, the model essay will be about loss of bio-diversity. pollution. Pollution negatively changes the flow of energy, the chemical constitution of the environment and the climate in. This essay will examine what causes air pollution and its negative impacts respectively. There are many reasons causing air pollution which is the most dangerous environmental problem Vietnamese people are confronting.