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In Memoriam Richard S. Fraser


❶They are rooted in actual political clashes about significant matters.

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Documents on the "Proletarian Military Policy". Includes materials from the Trotskyist movement in the U. In Memoriam, Richard S. An Appreciation and Selection of His Work. A selection of the writings of comrade Richard S. Fraser , who pioneered the Trotskyist understanding of black oppression in the United States.

Yugoslavia, East Europe and the Fourth International: The Evolution of Pabloist Liquidationism. Covers the internal discussion within the Fourth International over its flawed response to the Yugoslav Revolution and Tito-Stalin split. Marxist Politics or Unprincipled Combinationism?

Internal Problems of the Workers Party. Max Shachtman's document from the internal bulletin of the Workers Party of the U. Includes introduction and glossary by PRL and appendices. All Prometheus Research Series prices include shipping and handling. Max Shachtman in the Communist League of America, Documents and letters about an intense factional struggle which rent the American Trotskyist organization in the early s.

Citing Lenin, the masthead of the first issue of the American Trotskyist Militant proclaimed in The collection now includes over 7, books, pamphlets, and periodical volumes, reels of microfilmed documents and periodicals, and over linear feet of archival documents and bulletins. Particular emphasis is on minutes of leading committees and internal discussion material. Approximately three-quarters of the holdings are in English.

There are significant materials in Russian: Books and pamphlets are catalogued in a card file and research is facilitated by an extensively cross-referenced digital catalogue available on this website. The Library also contains the published works of many non-Marxist authors who strike our interest.

Since , the PRL has circulated lists of recent acquisitions to interested libraries and individuals. These circulars are available upon request. Materials cover the initial Trotskyist expulsion in , the founding of the Communist League of America and the later Workers Party, the period of entry into the Socialist Party, and the Socialist Workers Party.

Substantial collection of works by James P. Cannon, founding American Communist and Trotskyist leader, including writings and speeches from the s and early s.

Books on general subjects ranging from the history and struggle of colonial masses to various idiosyncratic interests of Marxists and others. The PRL seeks to assist serious efforts to publish histories of Trotskyist sections around the world, both by providing documentation and where appropriate financial support, without regard for our particular agreement with the views of the authors.

The Library strongly supports and participates in efforts to make available and exchange historical material with individuals and libraries of kindred purpose around the world.

Cannon and history of the work of the American Trotskyists in the Minneapolis Teamsters strikes. Cannon and the Early Years of American Communism. The Prometheus Research Library seeks to collect, preserve, and make available the documentary record of the international communist movement. We are very interested in obtaining originals, photocopies, or digital copies of relevant minutes, bulletins, or correspondence to ensure that such historically valuable documents are not lost. Persons who have such archival papers are encouraged to contact the PRL.

The PRL shares relevant portions of its holdings with other archives and libraries to make the archives of the workers movement more complete and accessible. Max Shachtman in the Communist League of America, Documents and letters about an intense factional struggle which rent the American Trotskyist organization in the early s. Cannon and the Early Years of American Communism: In Memoriam, Richard S.

Fraser , who developed the Trotskyist understanding of black oppression in the U. Yugoslavia, East Europe and the Fourth International:

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The Prometheus Research Library has evolved over 40 years and works under the auspices of the Central Committee of the Spartacist League/U.S. The PRL is a member of the American Library Association and has staff and individual associates in the United States and internationally.

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A Working Archive of American And International Marxist History, Documentation, And Related Interests.

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