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Neal Shusterman

Unwind Movie Status

❶Unwind has won more than 30 awards, and is now in development with Constantin Films as a feature film series.


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Within a year, Shusterman had his first book deal, and a screenwriting job. He currently lives in Southern California with his four children. Unwind has won more than 30 awards, and is now in development with Constantin Films as a feature film series.

Shusterman was invited by Orson Scott Card to write novels parallel to Ender's Game about other characters from the series, but schedules didn't permit, and Card wrote Ender's Shadow and the subsequent series himself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The citations in this article lack sufficient bibliographical information e.

Specific concerns can be found on the talk page. Referencing for beginners with citation templates for guidance about writing citations. Retrieved February 6, Archived from the original on November 19, Retrieved November 19, The New York Times.

Connor takes her words to heart and isn't baited by Roland when he attempts to rape Risa in the bathroom. Shortly after, they are all taken to the Graveyard, an aircraft graveyard , their final destination and where they will remain until they reach the age of eighteen and are safe. A former admiral is in charge of the airplane graveyard and assigns the children to work detail where they can best be used.

Connor becomes a mechanic and Risa becomes a medic, while Roland learns to fly a helicopter from Cleaver, the only other adult who knows about the kids. Roland starts up his trouble anew, spreading stories about the Admiral to sow dissent and to make himself the new leader.

Connor ends up on the Admiral's side as a spy, and when a number of the higher up kids are killed, they investigate, believing Roland to be responsible. A short time in, Lev arrives, tougher than before, and joins a secret group that wants to damage Unwind facilities rather than just live out to age eighteen and then leave the camp.

The Admiral has a heart attack during a riot caused by doubts sown by Roland, even though he is not there to direct it and take over. Connor brings things under control, and gets Roland and Risa to come with him to fly the Admiral to a hospital, knowing they will likely be caught. They are taken away to a harvest camp, where Risa unwillingly joins the band which plays at the unwinding and death of each child.

Lev is at the camp as well, having turned himself in after becoming a clapper, a suicide bomber who has been injected with a liquid explosive triggered by clapping hard enough. Roland is unwound due to his blood type being high on demand. Just as Connor is about to be unwound, the other two clappers, Blaine and Mai, who are at the camp with Lev detonate their explosives at his request.

He intends to join them, but at the last minute changes his mind, determined to pull out unwound youth from the wreckage and save Connor. He does so, and turns himself to the police. Back at the hospital, Connor and Risa unite again. Connor's injuries made them the unwilling recipient of a new eye, and an arm that formerly belonged to Roland, which they can tell from the shark tattoo on the arm. The nurse gives him a fake ID from a guard killed in the explosion to save him from unwinding.

Risa refuses treatment despite being paralyzed from the waist down, and saves herself that way as well, as disabled people cannot be unwound. Lev is saved by the explosive fluid in him, which is slowly being removed from his bloodstream.

Risa and Connor return to the Graveyard to run it because the Admiral is too weak, having refused to take a new heart from an Unwind. They promise to begin fighting against harvesting. The story ends with a party at the Admiral's house, celebrating the birthday of his son, whom he and his wife unwittingly had unwound.

All the people who received parts from his son attend, bringing him entirely there. At the end of the book, Connor becomes the new Admiral for the Graveyard. This book has a sequel which is titled Unwholly. Unwind is a novel that imagines not a technological future, but a sociological future.

Casting has yet to begin, but as of April 15, , the film has moved into the early stages of pre-production. Novel-author Neal Shusterman drafted the screenplay. On December 9, , The Hollywood Reporter reported that Constantin Film had picked up the film rights to the whole series.

A sequel, entitled UnWholly , was released on August 26, A third installment, titled UnSouled , was released on October 15, The book series is a dystology of four books. The last book is Undivided and was published on October 14, UnStrung is a companion story, set within Unwind and follows the events that led Lev to become a clapper.

UnStrung was later collected in UnBound , a collection of short stories and novellas, which was released on December 15, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unwind Original hardcover edition. The New York Times. Retrieved 17 September Organ transplantation in fiction.

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Unwind Movie Update—February For a number of reasons, Constantin Films, who was developing UNWIND as a movie, halted the project just short of production, and decided it would be better to do as a TV series.

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Unwind Movie Status I’m currently putting together a FAQ to tackle some of the questions fans ask on a regular basis, but I wanted to share one of my answers with you all now. Here’s my response to.

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Unwind is a science fiction novel by young adult literature author Neal takes place in the United States in the near future. After the Second Civil War or the Heartland War, was fought over abortion, a compromise was reached, allowing parents to sign an order for their children between the ages of 13 and 18 to be . Neal Shusterman, Writer: Double Dragon. IMDb. Movies, TV & Showtimes. Finding Nemo () # on IMDb Top Rated Unwind Cry Victory Details only on IMDbPro» Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. Find out .